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G.P.S. Bandol: Part-2

G.P.S. Bandol: Part-2 G.P.S. Bandol: Part-2: Creative Learning Methods adopted: Part-1 of this article Smart Classes: In the  normal routine, parents and related Officers can video conference with these students online. Resource Persons on a specific topic are invited to share their experiences with these children. Children wait for such moments impatiently. This initiative has… Read More »

G.P.S. Bandol

G.P.S. Bandol  G.P.S. Bandol – (Part-1): Privatization of education has taken place at a rapid pace in last two decades or so. Moreover, a considerable rise in the living standard of our people due to education, employment and other income generation activities etc. has enabled parents to make a thought about the alternatives of their… Read More »