G.P.S. Bandol

By | January 29, 2018

G.P.S. Bandol 

G.P.S. Bandol – (Part-1): Privatization of education has taken place at a rapid pace in last two decades or so. Moreover, a considerable rise in the living standard of our people due to education, employment and other income generation activities etc. has enabled parents to make a thought about the alternatives of their children’s education and future.

Despite of having ample infrastructure, resources and experienced teachers than other private educational institutions, our Government Schools are however left behind in this context . So, what is the root cause behind the interest of parents to enroll their children in Private/ Public Schools is a matter of long debate. But in my opinion, it is the lack of confidence that the parents have shown towards the quality of education in a Government School set up. Most of the Government employees and even Government Teachers prefer to enroll their children only in Private/ Public Schools. So, these Private/ Public Schools have become first preference of parents.

Part-2 of the article

G.P.S. Bandol – School with difference (Part-1)

Exception is everywhere. Today, I would like to take you to a Government Primary School set up that has marked a great impression towards developing primary standard children and has set up an unique example of quality education by fun and other innovative/ interesting tools through this article. Dear Friends! This is Government Primary School, Bandol. First Part (Part-1) of this blog is dedicated to the information about this School and its existing infrastructure. More details about innovative initiatives taken by this School will be covered in my upcoming section of blog on G.P.S. Bandol.

I am sure; this effort may be changing perceptions of many of us about a Government School set up. I am grateful to visit this School and got opportunity to interact with the School Staff and Children. Furthermore, I would like to extend my sincere thank to the School Management Committee, School Staff and especially Er. Sunil Dhiman Ji. Because, it is the result of their restless efforts and innovative vision to make this possible and therefore demonstrating a holistic academic model for our society at primary educational level.

About the School:

G.P.S. Bandol is a Govt. Primary School established since 1983. This school was promoted to Middle and High School in years 2006 and 2015 respectively.

How to reach G.P.S. Bandol:

This School is situated in Hiran Village, P.O. Kohala, Tehsil Jwalamukhi, District Kangra (Himachal Pradesh). This school is 7 kilometer far from the world famous pilgrimage Shri Jwala Ji Pilgrimage towards Dharamshala-Shimla Highway -88.

G.P.S. Bandol

Infrastructure at G.P.S. Bandol:

Class Rooms:

Class Rooms @ G.P.S. Bandol

This school has beautifully decorated and airy rooms equipped with sufficient desks for the students. All the rooms are pakka constructed and each class has its separate room.



Washrooms @ G.P.S. Bandol

There are separate washrooms for Girls and Boys students. There are four Washrooms and one Hand wash room for children. These washrooms are decorated attractively with the paintings of famous cartoons. Arrangement for safe and clean water is available through a Water Cooler.

G.P.S. Bandol

Activity Area:

Sport Event @ G.P.S. Bandol – Cycling

There is a large playground available for conducting various sports and learning activities in the school campus.

Enrollment status of G.P.S. Bandol:

This School has started Nursery class since 2015. G.P.S. Bandol has enrollment of 90 children in the academic year 2017-18. 66 children belong to first and fifth standard and remaining 24 are enrolled in Nursery class.

Consequently, there has been increase of 24 students in G.P.S. Bandol this year.

Innovative Initiatives in G.P.S. Bandol:

Houses of G.P.S. Bandol:

Houses @ G.P.S. Bandol

With an objective to inculcate culture of team work and leadership qualities in the children, they have been divided in to three houses namely: Mari Gold, Gulmohar and Lotus House. Each house is assigned task of managing and organizing Morning Assembly for one week. Related house takes care of the cleanliness and maintenance of School premise on a schedule basis.

Attractive School Dress:

As per my opinion, this was a key decision taken by the School management Committee to create a feel of professional academic set up like private/ public schools. In this effort, one more dress code was added along with the classic dress code of Govt. Schools in Himachal Pradesh. It is a perfect example of understanding and cooperation shown by the School Management Committee and parents that all the students enter school premise in a scheduled dress code.

Smart Class Room:

Smart Class Room

This school has a  Smart Class Room. It was established in the year 2016-17. Smart Class Room is used as a “Learn with Fun” tool in the school. In addition to this, Internet connectivity  provides a variety of educational content to these kids. This is the effort of the School Management that they have available sets of IEC Materials ranging from nursery to fifth standard students.  This concept has not only created interest among children, but also it has helped the children understanding related topics in an effective manner.

G.P.S. Bandol – School with difference (Part-1)


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