Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

By | December 27, 2017

Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

Before I start this blog, I would like to thank worthy Goddess Maa Naina Devi Ji for blessing me with an opportunity to serve and work with the wonderful community of Shri Naina Devi Ji. I would like to thank Hon’ble Board of Society for Environmental and Rural Awakening (ERA), IDIPT-HP, Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation, GoHP and the Asian Development Bank who conceptualised, planned and implemented the Community Based Tourism initiative in the Naina Devi town and last but not the least, a sincere thanks to the community of Shri Naina Devi Ji, who accepted this initiative in high spirit and provided their full cooperation during this journey.
My best wishes extend to the Town Tourism Development Committee (TTDC) – Shri Naina Devi Ji, and all Women SHG Members especially Mrs. Radha Sharma, Anjana Sharma, Geeta Devi, Neelam Sharma and Baby Chandel who have been the leading warriors of this initiative.

Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

Kehloori Craft:
Kehloori Craft is a Women SHG Based Entrepreneurship Model through which the local products (especially Hand Made) have attained a platform. One side this effort is empowering the Women SHGs involved in this initiative economically and other side it is playing an instrumental role in the social empowerment of the stakeholders.
Kehloori Craft outlet is situated in the Naina Devi town near Marti Sharan Bhawan (NDTT). Kehloori Craft outlet is an example of initiative taken by the local Women SHGs who came forward, underwent various skill development programmes (product development, marketing, value chain etc.) and now are selling their hand made products in the market. This outlet is totally managed by the Women SHG Members in a shift wise manner.

Products available:

There are a number of hand made products available in the Kehloori Craft outlet. There are available more than 10 types of pickles (seasonal). Also a variety of hand-made knitting products in various sizes and varieties like Sweaters, Socks, Caps, Mufflers etc. is available there. You can also buy hand made Fruit Candy, Worship items, Tea Masala and Pulses’ Flour Balls (बड़ियाँ)  of various variants from this outlet.

Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

Skill Development of the Women SHGs:

These women SHGs have undergone basic and advanced level skill development trainings specifically on Marketing, Pickle Making, Cooking, Handicraft & Value Addition – Packaging etc. along with regular nurturing.

Turning Point leading towards entrepreneurship:
A real Turning Point for the Women SHGs came during the Apple Festival in 2016 when they were provided with a sale-stall by the Tourism Department in Shimla. Two women SHG members who participated in this festival had a great learning and experience there. Their products were highly appreciated by the visitors. Even most of their products were completely sold out during the first day of festival.

But, the main factor as per my observation was the response and appreciation by the visitors which pushed them to think upon the lines of establishing their own outlet.

Kehloori Craft as of now:
Presently, there are around 20 women involved in this initiative from these women SHGs. This outlet came in to existence in October 2017 and since then receiving a great response in the market.

Being in a very initial stage in the market, average earning is around Rs. 1,500-1,600 per day, which is a nice start. These women are managing the entire value chain of the product by themselves starting from procuring raw materials, ingredients, packaging material to processing and finished product. Some necessary certifications are in process and will be obtained soon.

Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

Upcoming Ventures:
These Women SHGs are planning to expand this effort further by opening some more outlets in the local market and also linking their products with regular clients.
They are also planning to start a food outlet in which only local dishes will be served to the visitors.

Lastly, I would like to say it is among one of the ever-remembering experience for me both personally and professionally. The commitment shown by these Women SHGs will definitely take them towards their objective and success. I am extremely happy to see local hand-made products spreading essence of our folk culture in the shape of Kehloori Craft through this initiative.
Dear Visitors! Whenever you visit this place, do a visit to this outlet and give your feedback for further improvement and motivation to these women entrepreneurs!

!!जयतु नयने!!

6 thoughts on “Kehloori Craft – Empowering Women in Naina Devi

  1. Vikas Sharma

    No doubt it is a great achievement to pull community and take their best.

  2. Birender pathania

    SHG’s of sh. Naina devi are performing good job in their products.

    1. Amit Mehta Post author

      Pathania ji! You being an active and supportive member in the TTDC Shri Naina Devi Ji have always contributed for the cause. Thanks to you!


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