RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain

By | January 6, 2018

RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain. There has always been a big gap in the value chain aspects of the Medicinal Plants in the Himalayan states. This gap in value chain is not only affecting the local collector/cultivator communities economically, but also has come out as a threat to many rare medicinal plant species due to their unscientific collection and lapses in their conservation aspects. As I am also working on Community Based Green Livelihood initiatives very closely with the Mountainous communities, this context has been revolving around my mind for a long time. In this line, I recently got opportunity to visit the RCFC North India (Regional cum Facilitation Centre) situated at Joginder Nagar, District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. I met Dr. Arun Chandan over there who is the present Regional Director of RCFC North India and got some insights of this initiative which I am sharing with you through this blog.

RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain

About the RCFC-North India:

Regional Director-RCFC North India (Dr. Arun Chandan)

RCFC- North India is situated in the Herbal Garden Campus of the Department of Ayurveda, GoHP at Joginder Nagar. This project is funded by the National Medicinal Plant Board (NPMB), Ministry of Ayush, GoI. There are six states covered under this project namely Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The key objective of this initiative is to bring all the value chain components at a common platform so that the Value Chain of Medicinal Plants may be strengthened further with sustainable conservation measures of the Medicinal Plants.

Key Components of the RCFC North India:

As much I have observed about this initiative I can say that this is really a great effort by the Government. The key components of this project are as following:

  • Training & Capacity Building:
    • This project will focus on the Training and Capacity Building of the Traders, Growers and Collectors which are the most important parts of the entire Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain.
  • Strengthening Coordination among stakeholders :
    • As this project is covering 6 North Indian states, an effective coordination is required amongst the stakeholders. For this purpose, Regional Consultations will be organized. Some Regional Workshops will also be organised to improve the inter-departmental coordination with the related departments such as the Forest Department, Rural Development, and Tribal Development etc.
  • Marketing Component: 
    • This component is the most crucial as it will be facilitating all value chain related components to provide them a better and easily accessible marketing facility. This component will be further strengthened by establishing Mandies and Primary Processing Facilities.

RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain

  • Knowledge Exchange and Sharing:
    • This is a very important component of the project as the entire project has the prime objective of strengthening the Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain. In this line, this project will undertake developing IEC Materials (Leaf Lets, Training Manuals, and Pamphlets etc.) as well as it will undertake Identified Research Study w.r.t. Medicinal Plants in this region and sharing the research findings and better technologies with the stakeholders. A dedicated web portal for knowledge sharing and dissemination will also be developed during this project.

RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain

Way Forward:

It was really a wonderful experience visiting the RCFC North India. This is amongst some of those special initiatives, which are meant to promote the Ayurveda as well as empowering the mountainous communities towards sustainable livelihoods.

But the success of any initiative depends on many factors including the success degree to significantly mobilise the stakeholders and maintain a smooth coordination throughout the initiative. A dedicated and professional team always plays a key role in the project management of such initiatives.

At last, I further hope that the project progress should not be hindered by political, administrative and other factors and will attain a great success by achieving its objectives along with opening new doors for community based livelihoods and entrepreneurship for the local folks and will strengthen the Conservation aspects of our valuable Medicinal Plants.

RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain







2 thoughts on “RCFC North India Joginder Nagar- Strengthening Medicinal Plants’ Value Chain

  1. Dr Arun Chandan

    Let us make this really happen for the stakeholders in Medicinal Plants sector
    Great Amit harness your potential you have lot of sills and iDeas. Great

  2. Sunil Dhiman

    Great Initiative….
    Need of Awareness Programmes in schools to spread the message and making the programme sustainable.
    as “Educating Children means Educating Society”


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