Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth

By | January 18, 2018

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth 

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth: Today, I am dedicating this blog (On the occasion of National Youth Day:  Chapter No. 4) on the effects of Cyber Crime on youth and increasing number of crime attempts amongst our youth section. I further hope that my esteemed readers will value add this small effort with their valuable feedback/ suggestions.

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There is no doubt in the fact that “Technology” has transformed our lives especially in last decade or so. It has made communication and knowledge sharing electric fast. This is a wonderful platform to share and exchange information throughout the world in just a single click.

But, there is another side of coin. At present, Cyber Crime has emerged out as one of the biggest challenges to our society. Cyber Crime has horrified us in various forms such as sex scandals, blackmailing, misbehaving with females via text or voice calls etc. and such incidents have increased at a rapid pace.


Cyber Crime affecting Youth

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth

A story (Fictional, but very common) of Cyber Crime on a teenager girl:

“XYZ is an intelligent girl with a bright career ahead. She is doing her bachelor’s in arts degree and dreaming to become a professional artist.

As it normally happens, we often make classmates our friends during our studies, she too followed the same. Some of her friends were girls and some were boys, which is pretty normal thing.

As the time passed, she entered in her final year of studies and got involved in a closed friendship with a classmate friend.

They both started chatting through voice call and text on their smart phones and also sharing pictures with each other.

One side, the girl was not in any impression even in her dreams of any serious relationship/ affair with this friend, while other side the boy became desperate about her.

One day, the same boy expressed his feelings to her and with no surprise, she refused this proposal outright.

The boy felt sorry for this and apologised to her. Things seemed normal till her parents decided to approach a suitable boy for her to tie knots with.

When knowing about the same, that boy raged in anger and threatened her to viral the pics, chats and voice recordings publicly and defaming her family.

A worst ever dream for the girl was about to come true.

Affected with the whole incident, the girl stopped attending the College, became very recessive and started making excuses for not attending College classes to her parents. This thing was affecting her severely from both psychological and  career perspectives too.

One day, her mother discussed this sudden behavioural change in her daughter with a known family friend.

As her friend smelt something unusual, she suggested her to meet a group of people working on the women safety and  empowerment.

A women counsellor from this group came to meet the girl and started counselling her. Due to this effort, the girl finally broke the ice and shared the problem with the counsellor and her mother.

Now, the challenge was how to get rid of this problem.

The boy’s family members were contacted by girl’s family members along with the counsellor and were informed about the problem created by their son.

As the boy was a teenager too, it also became very important to undertake him through proper counselling despite getting punhished for this deed which in future can make him more aggressive and force him to attempt more heinous crime than this.

Finally! This effort came to end with positive results.

The boy apologised for this and deleted all the belongings (Pictures, Text Massages, Voice Recordings etc.) in the presence of the team and gave in written not to come in the way of the girl in future!”

Friends, this is an ideal case where girl’s life could be saved from exploitation and blackmailing. While, there are many other cases reported/ unreported, where many of the victims have committed suicide or attempted, while some others became ill of psychiatric problems for long-time.

Some important learning, I observed in this story are:

  • Never share any personal/ intimate text, voice call, pictures, videos etc. with anyone, even if he/ she are your closest friend/s.
  • Parents must be aware enough to notice any unusual behaviour change in their children.
  • Parents also need to spend a considerable time with their teenager children to discuss their routine, needs and problems. 
  • Even friends should take care of any unusual behaviour change in their friend. A real friend is only who shows a right path to his fellows.
  • In case, you have become victim of such crime, share this in no time with your family members so that further planning may be done.
  • In such cases, you must involve a reliable third person (Women Safety/ Empowerment organisations (First Level), Police (Secondary Level) etc.) to take care of the matter. Otherwise, there may be chances that you be blackmailed by the culprit if you try to resolve the matter at your own.
  • In this case, it was a class-fellow teenage boy, who attempted this crime. Proper Counselling to him in such cases is also required very importantly so as to show him a correct path and legal consequences of indulging in such attempts.
  • In most of the cases, the offenders are generally unknown. In such circumstances, it must be reported to Police under IT Act 2000 for further action at the earliest. Any delay in victim’s response raises the confidence of the offender for replicating similar conduct.

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth

Common Reasons behind Cyber Crimes amongst Youth:

The main reasons behind such crimes are influenced by so many factors and evidently key factors are unemployment among youth, need and greed for making easy money for luxury & drugs, lack of societal ethics due to bad company and many of the times it is committed for attaining popularity, attention and even showing off their luxurious life style to their group/ friends. One other factor is feeling to take revenge due to emotional sickness.

But, it is not right to blame youngsters only completely for this. Because, generally they are the victims on the other part too. Most of the times, the main cause of youngsters indulging in this wrong way is the lack of attention being provided by their parents at this crucial stage of their life, a development phase where they need appropriate social and psychological guidance and counselling. Along with this, there is a strong need to improve our education system as well. As youngsters spend a considerable amount of time in their educational institutions, teachers have an important role to play. There is need to generate awareness amongst the students on (Cyber Law Act) Information Technology Act-2000. Along with this, it will be more effective towards generating awareness amongst youngsters when real stories of cyber- crime incidents and their effect on victims are shared with them. There are also dedicated educated and pro-active youth working towards creating awareness among our society about Cyber-Crime. One of them is Cyber Blog India, an initiative towards sharing blogs on Cyber Crime related real cases especially among youth.

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth


Cyber Crime amongst youth generation has really brought our society in a vulnerable situation.  IT related crimes affect the victims emotionally and psychologically resulting in considerable reduction in their self-confidence and over all development. In other words, this is a hurdle towards development of our nation. Youth is our future and we expect them to contribute towards the socio-economic-cultural development of our nation.

At the last, I would like to give a call to our youngsters to not take this context lightly if they are victimised by any culprit under Cyber relate crimes. Do not ignore! Be strong! Share with your family members! Come forward and report it. Your courage may save life of others too from being victimising.

Do not ignore! Be strong! Share with your family members! Come forward! Report it!

Part-4: Cyber Crime affecting Youth




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